Easy and Simple FREE Modeling Environment

The interface is designed exclusively for MatSQ users and offers templates that are easy to use even for beginners of the simulation.

You can model complex materials structures and submit DFT/MD directly in the web environment without installing any additional programs.

All calculations are performed at an economical cost in a high-performance cloud server that is optimized without waiting.

Easy-to-use environment for
proven open source simulation code

Open source simulation software such as Quantum Espresso and LAMMPS, proven by numerous organizations and various studies, can be used as a minimum barrier to entry. Intuitive scripting environment and expert consulting are provided.

The AWS cloud server of the best available

You can use the Amazon Web Services cloud HPC right away without any knowledge or experience in IT such as the cloud and HPC. Feel free to use cloud HPC, which is always up to date with the latest hardware.

Pay only for server usage for calculations
Up to 36cores Pre-charge deductions
per 1core hour $0.25
Example Videos
Q&A: support@virtuallab.co.kr
We provide free formal training for users to use MatSQ smoothly, and provide training remotely in case of difficulty to visit (overseas and other regions).
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All information in MatSQ, from the description of each icon to the calculation module, is provided as text. The manual is updated every time MatSQ is updated.
Messenger Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have while using MatSQ. I'll help you immediately.
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MatSQ operates Quantum Espresso Weekly Tip to make it easier to create simulations of new materials through the intuitive user environment and cloud HPC of Materials Square.
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